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Report Card: WFC vs FCD

Nothing compares to the sweet taste of victory over a rival like FC Dallas... Except critiquing and analyzing our own players for days after the game. Here we have a collection of noteworthy Caps.

Vancouver's David Ousted (right) presumably channelling his inner southsider in an exchange with FC Dallas' Blas Perez (left) while Kendall Waston looks on (center)
Vancouver's David Ousted (right) presumably channelling his inner southsider in an exchange with FC Dallas' Blas Perez (left) while Kendall Waston looks on (center)
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Is this a dream? Not only am I now writing for eightysixforever, but the Whitecaps have somehow managed two wins in a row. This late renaissance in the Caps playing style and their subsequent return to form has done wonders for their playoff hopes (and probably Carl Robinson’s blood pressure).

Even more startling, it isn’t the sudden hot streak of one of our young, hopeful strikers that’s changing the Caps fortunes, but something even better: The team is regaining the exciting, chance-creating possession game that Robbo preached so heavily at the start of the season. The Morales/Rosales combo is proving to be a handful for more than just the play-by-play commentators. Russell Teibert and Matias Laba are diligently doing the dirty work behind the scenes. It seems even David Ousted is running out of teammates to ream out, with his harshest stork-screaming directed at Blas Perez after a rough challenge.

Knowing the Whitecaps, this could just be a glimmer of hope, an anomaly in an otherwise depressing run of form (knock on wood). Even if it is, let’s enjoy it while we can and bask in the glory of a satisfying win over an appallingly unsportsmanlike team. So without further ado, let’s examine the various performances of the boys in blue and white.

Kendall Waston (A-)

The big man at the back rescued the Caps from dangerous attacks on numerous occasions. Despite a couple of risky decisions and a strange yellow card, the Costa Rican was a tank. Right from the start, Waston (legally) roughed up Blas Perez and quashed the sly striker’s hopes of adding to his impressive goal record. It felt thoroughly satisfying to see the Panamanian writhing around on the ground to no avail. Waston was sharp, and bossed the backline as if he’d been in Vancouver all season.

Matias Laba (A)

As usual, Laba’s performance was excellent. The young Argentinean could’ve merited an A+ for his first half goal-saving tackle alone. Quietly plying his trade in the center of the pitch, he worked well with Russell Teibert in shutting down Dallas attacks and releasing the Caps on the counter. The only worry about him now is whether Carl Robinson will be able to deal with the "future considerations" that Toronto FC were promised in the trade earlier this season.

Mauro Rosales (B+)

Less than an A may seem harsh after watching the highlights of the first half, but I can’t justify giving such a high rating to a player that can’t last a whole game. Despite the two assists and all the wonderful creativity he brought to the first 45 minutes, the magic seemed to dry up in the second half. Keeping him around next season will be a tough decision for Robbo to make. At 33 he’s not getting any younger, and he has had injury troubles in the past. For all the experience and skill he brings to the team, the salary hit might not be worth the risk. However, if that electric first half performance can be replicated on a regular basis, there will be few Caps fans arguing against more of Mauro next year.

Sebastian Fernandez (A-)

After his first shot of the game floated longingly over the bar, I began preparing to endure another agonizing game of squandered chances. Thankfully, the scrappy little Uruguayan was only getting started. His perfectly placed header and left footed strike brought back memories of a time when Mexican teams were willing to steal our spectacular strikers, rather than cooperatively take them on trial. If it weren’t for a stupid yellow card and ensuing one match ban, this could’ve been an A+ worthy performance.

The Substitutes: Mehdi Ballouchy (B), Kekuta Manneh (B), Darren Mattocks (C)

Despite a limited amount of time on the pitch - and having to spend most of that time defending - Manneh and Ballouchy played well. Manneh’s clever little trick to win a corner late in the game was an encouraging sign. Mattocks on the other hand… I’m not quite sure what Carl Robinson was thinking. The Jamaican speedster did none of the defensive work that Erik Hurtado had been contributing so diligently, and he was much less effective going forward. Mattocks looked uninterested, and his hold up-play was non-existent. Hurtado needn’t have been pulled off. If this uninspired substitute performance doesn’t persuade Robbo to give Kekuta Manneh a deserved run as an out-and-out striker, I don’t know what will.

What did you think about the game yesterday? Am I insane for giving Mauro a B+? How many more Oscars will FC Dallas get to keep at this years Academy Awards? Leave all your questions, concerns and views in the comments section down below.

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