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FTBL Ep. 54 - Playoffs?

Last Game. Biggest Game. Can the Whitecaps get it done and clinch their second playoff berth in their MLS history? We talk about this, awards, Pedro en espanol, CMNT and TFC

Matias Laba is Jorge's 2014 MVP
Matias Laba is Jorge's 2014 MVP
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

So, Matchday 34 eh?  It seems like only a few short weeks ago when we watched the Whitecaps defeat RBNY on the opening day of the season, but here we are and our entire season hinges on what happens on Saturday night. Fittingly, the final playoff berth is between the Caps and the Portland Timbers, and while we control our playoff destiny, there is still plenty of work to do.

In Part 1 of an entire show dedicated to the Whitecaps, Mark & Jorge talk about Saturday's huge game against the hapless Colorado Rapids.  In Part 2 we discuss the Whitecaps' player awards, a Spanish language interview featuring Pedro Morales, USL PRO update, and sigh... and how the latest sad update from TFC led our hosts to the magical land of Narnia.


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