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Poll: Will the Whitecaps Make the Post-Season?

And it all comes down to this...

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Alright, put your cards on the table. I want to know where you stand, right now. It's been a season of peaks and valleys for the Vancouver Whitecaps, and now, with one match left to go, the question from the beginning of the season remains; Will the Vancouver Whitecaps make the post-season?

That half-assed performance in San Jose certainly didn't instill confidence, but let's keep in mind that the Whitecaps haven't outright lost in four matches. Considering this team was circling the drain and close to matching the late season efforts of Martin Rennie's previous squads just a few weeks ago, that's a major improvement. They've also gotten some scoring from players not named Pedro Morales, although that aspect of their game certainly needs to be improved, still.

Defensively, the Whitecaps look rather sound, although like any team they are prone to lapses in judgement. Kendall Waston has been fantastic, Andy O'Brien has been steady (especially lately), Jordan Harvey continues to play better than anyone ever thought he could, and Steven Beitashour has been the most underrated addition Carl Robinson made in the off-season, a more than suitable replacement for YP Lee. The defensive midfield has been a strength as well for the Whitecaps, as Matias Laba, Gershon Koffie and Russell Teibert have all shown to be more than capable of playing the position.

Finally, David Ousted appears to have taken the next step in this league, and is now one of the best keepers in MLS, at least in my estimation. Is that enough to propel them to the post-season?

Well, the Whitecaps won't be going anywhere if they can't score goals, and they again struggled against a San Jose squad that was absolutely ripe for the picking. It was an extremely disappointing result, and while the 'Caps face another struggling team in the Rapids this weekend, it stands to reason they may have trouble yet again putting the ball in the net.

The best thing going in the Whitecaps favor, is that the Portland Timbers are playing a very good FC Dallas squad. Considering there are 22 points between the Rapids and Dallas, the Whitecaps should really take advantage. No doubt Colorado will want to end their season on a high note and they still have plenty of talent on their roster, but a failure to get a win against both the Earthquakes and Rapids would be a pretty bitter pill to swallow.

So, will the Whitecaps make the playoffs? Let us know.