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Fan Poll: Do You Want Camilo Back?

"Camilo Gate" has ignited the ire of the Whitecaps brass and fans. The biggest question is whether or not he has burned all his bridges here in Vancouver.

Are Whitecaps fans willing to show Camilo some love and welcome him back to Vancouver?
Are Whitecaps fans willing to show Camilo some love and welcome him back to Vancouver?
Jessica Haydahl

To say that this has been an interesting offseason for the Vancouver Whitecaps would be a bit of an understatement. Despite missing the playoffs the 'Caps ended the season on a high note (sort of) when they beat the Colorado Rapids 3-0 on the final day of the season.

Not only did they exact a little revenge against the club that ended their playoff aspirations just week earlier, but spirits were high because it was Young-Pyo Lee's farewell and the Wee Brazilian Camilo Sanvezzo scored a hat trick to snatch the MLS Golden Boot out of the hands of the Chicago Fire's Mike Magee.

Fast forward a mere two months and Camilo appears to have skipped out on his contractual obligation to the Whitecaps and signed (maybe) with Mexican side Querétaro FC (probably). Despite the club and MLS (apparently) having been in contact with Camilo since this story broke last week to reiterate that he is under contract to the Caps and MLS he (supposedly) signed with Los Gallos Blancos anyways.

The photos of Camilo wearing Querétaro's kit yesterday ignited a powder keg of emotion and quickly sent the Whitecaps' brass and MLS into damage control. Verbal statements made last week regarding Camilo's contractual status were put to paper and sent to Querétaro management which resulted in the Mexicans removing anything Camilo-related from their website and social media last night.

This situation is so fluid with more (mis)information surfacing almost on an hourly basis. Until we have all the facts (assuming we ever get them) this writer is withholding judgement and assessing blame until this mess is cleared up. Seeing Camilo wearing the kit of another club was an insult to the club and its supporters and will be etched into the hearts and minds of many for a long, long time. Club president Bobby Lenarduzzi called it a "kick to the midsection" and "unacceptable and inappropriate" and I don't think that many of us will argue with The Duze on this one.

The big question now is assuming this mess can be cleared up can Camilo come back to Vancouver or has he passed the point of no return? I, for one, keep going back and forth on whether or not he should (or could come back) to Vancouver. I suspect that many of you feel the same way while others have already decided one way or another.

So let's find out shall we? Ignoring all the gory details (which appear to change all the time anyways) below is a very simple poll question: Do you want to see Camilo back in Vancouver? You can also add your voice to the discussion by leaving a comment in the comment section below.


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