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Report Says Camilo Is in Mexico, Will Sign Contract

Take it with a grain of salt, people

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Spor


Well, yikes.

Ah, well, umm... shit.

More to come, but this story is getting very, very interesting.

Well, at least one guy on twitter is saying that Camilo Sanvezzo is indeed in Queretaro, and he will sign a deal with the Gallos Blancos today. Take a look.

Again, this is one guy, and the Whitecaps have maintained that Camilo is still their property. They aren't wrong, either. The option was exercised, though Queretaro FC seems to think that isn't a big deal. (Hint: it is)

If this is legit, we can refer back to the earlier piece in which Martin McMahon of laid out the punishments that would be laid out for Queretaro, Camilo, and his agent.

The best tweet yet?

'Not afraid.' If these reports turn out to be true, we'll just have to see about that.