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Poll: Which Youngster Will Have the Greatest Impact for the 'Caps This Season?

There are a slew of candidates to have a breakout year for the Vancouver Whitecaps

Stephanie Greene-USA TODAY Sport

If the Vancouver Whitecaps were to begin the MLS regular season today, you would immediately notice one huge hole in their lineup; The 22 goals that were sucked out of the team when Camilo Sanvezzo decided a White Rooster would be better than a Whitecap.

Still, barring any major acquisitions from the club (you would have to think they will get someone), that would leave a pretty glorious opportunity for the Whitecaps stable of young players. Names like Manneh, Salgado and Mattocks all leap to the front of the mind, but the club has plenty of other youngsters they can try and call on to get the job done.

The backline seems to be a bit trickier to crack through, considering there are so many bodies back there right now. Still, you'd have to think a guy like Christian Dean may be able to work his way into contention, especially because he can play both left and center back.

So what do you think? Will the Whitecaps have a breakout rookie for the third straight year? Will a second or third year guy show what he can do?

If it matters, my vote is with Mattocks. He's a third year guy with a lot of pride, and he can't be happy with how 2013 went down.