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Looks Like a Done Deal; Camilo Gone to Queretaro

Reports say it's official

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

Reports say that Camilo Sanvezzo has officially jumped ship to Queretaro's Los Gallos Blancos, ending weeks of drama between the club and the Vancouver Whitecaps, who now have to find a way to replace 22 goals, and the club's first MLS superstar.

Rough Translation: Finally, Gallos has reached an agreement with Vancouver.Sanvezzo remain on the team last night closed the trading Cantu Memo (Thanks, Google Translate!)

Still no word on how much money the Whitecaps will be getting back in the deal, although several outlets are reporting a figure of $1.5 million.

That's good, I suppose, if it is the actual amount the Whitecaps get. Of course, Jason Devos earlier had heard the Whitecaps might not get seven figures, which would be another hard knock for the club to take. Really, a 22 goal scorer should be worth much, much more, but given how badly the 'Caps were screwed over on this entire situation, I'm sure they'll just take what they can get.

Though it's sad to see the reigning Golden Boot winner leave in such an ugly divorce, it became increasingly clear that the club was never going to get their prized striker back. If they can get a good payday, then it will take a little sting out of the move. That being said, this has to be a stern lesson for Bob Lenarduzzi and the rest of Whitecaps management; money talks.