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Has the Camilo Situation Been Fixed?

Reports suggest Camilo will stay in Mexico, and the 'Caps will be getting paid because of it


It looks like Camilo Sanvezzo, the pint-sized Brazilian that became the Vancouver Whitecaps' first MLS superstar, will be staying with Gallos Blancos in Queretaro.

In addition, ESPNFC is reporting that the Whitecaps will be receiving a seven figure transfer fee for the Golden Boot winner, ending weeks of speculation surrounding the two sides.

It's not official yet, but according to the reports, it soon will be. If it is true, what a sad way to end the tenure of Camilo; however, with MLS acting as a stepping stone for many young players, expect it to happen a lot more in the future. Hopefully it won't be a complete circus like this transaction proved to be.