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MLS & Camilo: Radio Silence...Is There Anybody Out There?

While Camilo Sanvezzo enjoys his extended Mexican vacation, and the Vancouver Whitecaps are still stuck in budgetary purgatory, the silence from MLS brass in New York is particularly galling.

Not a word. That's what we're hearing from Don Garber and Major League Soccer in response to Camilogate.
Not a word. That's what we're hearing from Don Garber and Major League Soccer in response to Camilogate.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Imagine, if you will, Sidney Crosby skipping off to the KHL in breach of his contract with the NHL's Pittsburgh Penguins. Or...I dunno... Peyton Manning blowing off the NFL's Denver Broncos to take snaps in some secondary league in Australia. How many nanoseconds would it take before the commissioners of those respective leagues had issued statements, held media conferences, and generally not only done their jobs, but more importantly been seen to have done their jobs?

So what, if anything, have Don Garber and his cronies been up to in New York lately? I mean besides counting up the money they expect to be making off TFC's landing of Jermain Defoe and Michael Bradley, along with the return of DeRo.

It's been what - a week now since the first photos of Camilo in Rooster's clothing were plastered on the Queretaro FC website, and blowing up the Twittersphere? And Major League Soccer still haven't made any official comment? Not even a yawn?

In 2013, when Cascadian supporters groups raised pitchforks at what was perceived as the attempted theft of their Cup, MLS was quick to lay out its position publicly, and then later it's more conciliatory stance. But what happens when the Golden Boot winner, and league's best player (regardless of what MLS voted) just walks away? Nada.

The silence is deafening in this particular Pacific Northwest outpost. But should we be surprised? The league still has a tendency at times to make things up as it goes along, and has taken decisions in the past that clearly have been detrimental to the Whitecaps.

At this point, Caps fans would be well advised to brace for the shaft. The first came already from Camilo, and I fear the second's not far behind - from the league.