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Rob Friend to Vancouver Whitecaps?

The rumor mill keeps on churning

Alex Grimm

*UPDATE* As John Andress pointed out in the comments section (see, I do listen, people), it looks like Friend is on his way to the LA Galaxy. I know people liked that he was Canadian and all, but in my opinion, he didn't have a spot on this team.

A new report says Canadian striker Rob Friend may be on his way to Vancouver, a scenario that isn't exactly a new development for followers of the Whitecaps. Friend is Canadian, and therefore, media law dictates he has to be linked to Canadian MLS teams until he retires.

The report comes from German website, and you can read it right here. (Hope you know how to work google translate)

Basically, it isn't really new information. It says that Friend wants to leave his current club, 1860 München, and that he may want to continue his career in Vancouver.

It's not earth shattering news, but it's something different from all the Camilo talk, which I gladly welcome.