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UPDATE: Camilo Sold to Queretaro? (No)

An ESPN Deportes report says Camilo has been sold

Jeff Vinnick


The man himself, Bob Lenarduzzi has stated that the Camilo rumors are false, and that the wee Brazilian will be at training camp later this month. So, that should put all these rumors to rest now, right? Right? Guys?

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Bob Lenarduzzi tells <a href=";src=hash">#TEAM1040</a> there&#39;s no truth to Camilo to Mexico rumours. <a href="">@whitecapsFC</a> expect Camilo at preseason camp later this month</p>&mdash; TEAM Radio (@TEAM1040) <a href="">January 2, 2014</a></blockquote>

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Take a breath Vancouver; a report suggesting that star striker Camilo has been sold has been quashed by the club.

According to reports from multiple sources, including Marc Weber of The Province, the ESPN Deportes article is untrue, and Camilo will be back with the club when training camp beings.

Among those sources, Peter Schaad, the Whitecaps play by play guy for the radio. Surely his word must lend some credence to whether or not these rumors are true, right?

Some reports suggest that this is a ploy by Camilo's agent to get him a bigger paycheque. It very well may be, but surely he's playing with fire if that's how he prefers to deal with the Whitecaps brass.

If Camilo has truly been sold, it throws into question not only the core of Vancouver's lineup moving forward, but the status of his services for the Canadian National team. It would also piss off many a fan, who are still recovering from some questionable moves made last season. (Have we brought up the Rochat trade enough?)

Either way, this story may not be over. Stay tuned, Vancouver.