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Three Questions With Big D Soccer

Big D blog writer Alfredo Cuvi stops by eightysixforever to give us some insight into this weekend's showdown


Want some insight into FC Dallas? Who better to ask than Alfredo Cuvi, with sister SB Nation blog, Big D Soccer.

86: He's been there for a while now, so how is Eric Hassli doing on the squad? Are the zero goals an indication of his play?

BD: Eric Hassli has been hurt rather a lot these days, which is reflected in his lack of goals. He has played very few meaningful minutes. He has a back issue, which is hard to criticize him for. Back issues are painful, recurring, and not at all easily resolved. Anyone with back pain knows what a lifelong nightmare they can be to deal with.

But when the coach openly hints that perhaps you are eating too much...? It makes you wonder about his level of commitment to the team and the coaching staff. A lot.

Q: Blas Perez is having an unreal season, already hitting double digits in goals. What's been the reason behind his success?

A: The reason behind his success is pure, natural talent. There have been many times when Blas has converted a goal out of nothing. He may dive or take too many easy tumbles, but the man has a nose for goal and is great in the air to boot. He strikes precisely, at the right time, and has an excellent feel for when to play aggressively. He really is one of the top strikers in the league.

It also helps that he is equally good at creating chances, when given the opportunity. Blas is dangerous when paired up with the right kind of player and so many times his little passes have created either goals, or big chances.

Q: Are you optimistic about the playoffs?

A: Things are looking tough for FCD. The team has undone all the work that got them to the top of the league early in the season, and have hurt themselves further beyond that. If the table was reset and everyone was level on points, I'd feel pretty decent about their chances. But sitting in 7th and having to make up ground? That's a much bigger task.

The midfield is so overwhelmingly weak that it hurts all aspects of their game. Their defenders are very good, but when they're under constant assault for 90 minutes, they're going to make mistakes.

I'd have to say the only team in a playoff spot that FCD really has a chance to play on level terms with is Colorado. If Dallas doesn't overtake Colorado, I don't see them overtaking anyone else.