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Live Chat: Vancouver vs. Salt Lake Post-Game 09/28/13

Crazy theory: the Whitecaps should load up on Argentinians. Hey, it won Real Salt Lake an MLS Cup back in 2009, so, proof positive as far as I'm concerned.

Liked what you saw tonight? Hated it? Scouting out vacant apartments in Sandy, Utah so you can move closer to the majesty of Real Salt Lake like a moth gravitating towards a bug zapper? No matter what you think, we encourage you to join the Eighty Six Forever team for a post-match live chat. Let's talk! Let's debate! Let's write nasty and/or fawning songs in admonishment and/or support of Martin Rennie! On second thought, let's not do that last bit. Let's just keep it to jovial-ish banter and poll questions and we'll be fine.

As always, please be respectful even in disagreement and we'll all get along just fine. If you like these live chats or have some suggestions as to how they could be better, please let us know in the comments below and we'll do our best to make next time even better. With that, let's commence the chatter!