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Will the Whitecaps Pull the Trigger?

With the MLS Trade Deadline just around the corner is there a trade out there that could help save the Whitecaps' season? 86 Forever looks at some of the Whitecaps' players that other clubs may (or may not) be interested in.

Will Bob Lenarduzzi and the Whitecaps find a trade worth making before tomorrow's MLS trade deadline?
Will Bob Lenarduzzi and the Whitecaps find a trade worth making before tomorrow's MLS trade deadline?
Kim Stallknecht

After last weekend's disappointment in the Lone Star state it's been a pretty quiet week for the Whitecaps and apart from this morning's news that Daigo Kobayashi broke three bones in his hand during training earlier this week there hasn't been anything new to report on.

So in lack of any other news and the MLS trade deadline looming tomorrow Rob Scott and myself had a little discussion this morning about some of the players that could (or could not) be used as trade bait:

Omar Salgado: the oft injured former #1 draft pick for the Whitecaps won't see the pitch this season for the club (if ever). His injury problems, lack of playing experience and fitness leaves very little trade value (if any).

Kekutah Manneh: tonnes of upsides, but still quite young and is a diamond in the rough. He must be considered one of the future stars for the Whitecaps.

Daigo Kobayashi: although he had one of his better performances against Dallas not very many fans would be too disappointed if he was moved on to another club. Would there be any takers after a poor debut MLS season and a big salary? Not likely.

Russell Teibert: untouchable

Kenny Miller: could be an interesting piece in perhaps a larger deal, but age, salary and the fact that no one really knows what his long-term plans are could put off any interested clubs (providing they wanted to sign a DP so late in the year).

Darren Mattocks: young and fast, but has mostly disappointed when he's played for the Caps this year. Maybe a change of scenery could jump start his game. Mattocks seems to be one of the players on this short list that I could see the club be willing to trade. Mattocks is healthy and can score in this league which may be attractive to another team looking to strengthen their squad for the playoffs.

Jordan Harvey: do the Whitecaps have anyone else that can play at LB if Harvey was traded? Johnny Leverón supposedly can play the position, but the fullback position on both sides of the pitch needs to be strengthened.

With the MLS trade deadline and roster freeze just around the corner will the Whitecaps (or anyone else) find a deal worth making? Stay tuned.


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