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2013 Cascadia Cup Standings

With a big Cascadia Cup match in Seattle this weekend, 86 Forever takes a look at the current standings.

Is this the year that the Cascadia Cup will be brought back to Vancouver?
Is this the year that the Cascadia Cup will be brought back to Vancouver?

There hasn't really been a lot of news regarding the Whitecaps this week, and most of us have shrugged off the loss to Colorado last weekend and are already looking ahead to this week's edition of the "Biggest Game of the Year" versus the LA Galaxy. As I've been going through my Twitter feed this week I was reminded that on Sunday night there's going to be a massive Cascadia Cup match down in Seattle. The Seattle Sounders will take on the Portland Timbers in what promises to be a sold-out CenturyLink Field. Yes, that's correct - there is a distinct possibility that this match will be played in front of 67,000 rabid fans in what will be Clint Dempsey's first match in front of the Royal Brougham Faithful as a Seattle Sounder. Since it's been such a quiet week for the 'Caps so far, I thought that this would be a good opportunity to take a look at the Cascadia Cup competition, the current standings and the remaining fixtures. After the Voyageur's Cup disappointment suffered earlier in the year, the Cascadia Cup is the one remaining competition where the Whitecaps have a realistic chance to win some silverware, but having said that they have two very difficult fixtures remaining in order to be crowned champions of Cascadia. Both of our Cascadia rivals have games in hand, so not only will Vancouver have to maximize the amount of points they bring home from their remaining Cascadia matches, but they will also need a little bit of luck to go their way as well. Looking ahead at the remaining games they shape up like this:

Whitecaps FC:

6 Oct vs. Portland Timbers - prediction Whitecaps win

9 Oct @ Seattle - prediction draw

Predicted points from remaining matches: 4 pts

Seattle Sounders:

Aug 25 vs. Portland prediction Sounders win

9 Oct vs. Vancouver prediction draw

13 Oct @ Portland prediction draw

Predicted points from remaining matches: 5 pts

Portland Timbers:

Aug 25 @ Seattle prediction Timbers loss

6 Oct @ Vancouver prediction Timbers loss

13 Oct vs. Seattle prediction draw

Predicted points from remaining matches: 1 pt


Vancouver Whitecaps 5 pts

Seattle Sounders 4 pts

Portland Timbers 3 pts


Vancouver Whitecaps 9 pts

Seattle Sounders 9 pts

Portland Timbers 4 pts

Note: for all up-to-date standings and statistics, please visit

So based on my "predictions" it will come down to a tie-breaker between the Sounders and the Whitecaps for the Cascadia Cup, and if the 'Caps are able to continue scoring goals like they have been so far this season then they would win the Cup based on goal differential (interesting side note is that Vancouver's goal differential in the Cascadia Cup is an eerie microcosm of their goal differential in the league). So you heard it here first: Vancouver will win the 2013 Cascadia Cup. Hopefully tomorrow there will again be some interesting Whitecaps news to report, and you will be spared from my "predictions". So there you go; you may all commence telling me why I'm wrong. So what do you think? Who do you think will win the Cascadia Cup this year? Oh and in case you hadn't heard by now, Terry Dunfield is training with the Whitecaps again....


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