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Live Chat: Vancouver vs. Colorado Post-Game 08/17/13

Well, well, well. That was certainly a game in which twenty-two people kicked a ball around, wasn't it?

Liked what you saw tonight? Hated it? Already setting fire to your Camilo Sanvezzo jersey? No matter how you feel, we encourage you to join the Eighty Six Forever team for a post-match live chat. Let's talk! Let's debate! Let's do everything the radio stations do, except better! Have you ever been put on hold while waiting to chat with people on the internet? Well, have you? Exactly.

(Hm, perhaps that's a new tagline for the website? "Eighty Six Forever - Waiting On Hold Is For Chumps.")

As always, please be respectful even in disagreement and we'll all get along just fine. If you like these live chats or have some suggestions as to how they could be better, please let us know in the comments below and we'll do our best to make next time even better. With that, let's commence the chatter!