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Crossover with The Daily Wiz

The feature favourite continues, with Sporting Kansas City blog writer Ben Gartland

Peter Aiken

Q:You guys are up 5 points on a playoff spot, and the standings are pretty tight. How important is this match to KC?

A: With as tight as the eastern conference is, every single match is important but this is a home match against a team who's attack is going to be a bit neutralized. These are the types of points Sporting needs to be picking up all season in order to finish in good standing at the end of the season.

Q: Give me one or two players the Whitecaps should keep an eye on.

A: CJ Sapong may be playing for his minutes after Soony Saad stepped in last week and played an impressive match. He should be a player to watch as well as Kei Kamara's recent return to good form should keep him in the eyes of the analysts.

Q: The Whitecaps attack may be a bit stunted this week, but it still has some teeth. How will KC defend Camilo and Kenny Miller?

A: Sporting will need to stop all the attacks before they begin. Paulo Nagamura/Lawrence Olum and Uri Rosell will need to hold the defensive half and not allow any opportunities for the Whitecaps attack.

Projected Lineup: Nielsen, Myers, Besler, Collin, Sinovic, Nagamura, Zusi, Rosell,Sapong, Bieler, Kamara

Predicted score from The Daily Wiz: 2-1 KC