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Kenny's Contract: Did the Caps Get it Right?


As many of you may have noticed we were a little behind reporting the news that Jun Marques Davidson would not face any additional discipline (a mixed blessing if you listen to the reaction of some of the more cynical Whitecaps supporters out there) for the yellow card he received for his challenge on the Galaxy's Pablo Mastroeni last Saturday night. We did this on purpose because on Monday there was plenty to talk about regarding Miller's call up to face the Auld Enemy and the persistent Miller-to-Rangers rumor (which has now become more frequent and even more annoying than those "natural male enhancement" spam e-mails), but on Tuesday there wasn't really much to talk about regarding the senior squad so we decided to push back publishing the JMD article until Wednesday morning.

I must admit I was caught off guard (as we probably all were) when I heard the news that Kenny Miller had extended his contract through June of 2014. I was very pleased to hear this because barely two days had passed since it had been reported in a British newspaper that Miller had re-signed with the Whitecaps and Ally McCoist was ruing the fact he wouldn't be able to bring Miller back to Ibrox for a third time . When I made it to the office and read the details of the extension I was initially a little confused and a even little disappointed. I had expected that Kenny had re-signed for another year or maybe even two, but a six month extension was like getting socks for Christmas - it was okay, but not even close to what I really wanted. Now that I've had the chance to read some more about the deal and hear from Miller himself, Bob Lenarduzzi and Martin Rennie I understand the logic behind such a short extension (well I understand it a little bit more than I did at first).

Miller's contract was set to expire at the end of the season and even though he was still under contract to the Whitecaps he was free to negotiate a "pre-contract" with a non-MLS club (i.e. Rangers FC) to move once the January transfer window opens because his old contract was due to expire in less than six months. By extending Miller by another six months the club has effectively pushed that date back until the summer of 2014, which means Miller could still make a deal to move next summer, be sold by the club, or possibly they are going to use the extra time to try and work out a longer deal to keep him here in Vancouver. At 33-years old Miller probably only has one last shot to sign a big money contract and based on the way the Kenny has played and has been a leader this season I hope that when he does sign a new deal it is here in Vancouver with the Whitecaps.

This story isn't over just yet and who knows how it will yet play itself out. It may not be the way that the fans had hoped it would be resolved, but I think that this is a good solution for the time being. Kenny can now go out and do what he does best and that's play soccer. Let the contract sort itself out when the season is over so it doesn't become a distraction from what we're trying to achieve on the pitch. Miller, for what it's worth, has been saying the right things and I believe that his words have been sincere ones. His family is living over here now and by all accounts they seem to have settled well and are enjoying all that our wonderful city has to offer. After the train wreck that was the Barry Robson Story last season this is indeed good news to hear. Equally good was the statement that Miller made that had the Whitecaps put more than a six month extension on the table he would have seriously considered their offer. Kenny has been a key man this season in the Caps' offence and hopefully will be for some time to come. At least now this has temporarily been put to rest and Kenny can concentrate oan playin' his best fitba an' help brin' back some trophies to guid, auld Vanky Toon!


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