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Manneh Named MLS Rookie of the Week

A good week for the Whitecaps just got a little better


Remember folks, he's just 18 years old.

According to a tweet from News1130, Whitecaps striker Kekuta Manneh was named the MLS rookie of the week, after his brilliant substitution performance against the Chicago Fire, that saw him net a very cheeky goal.

I say cheeky because, well, he had to have a smirk on his face after scoring it.

After taking the ball just outside the left corner of the box, Manneh attempted to dance his mark, Patrick Nyarko. The ball deflected off Nyarko straight back to Manneh, who was now able to gain separation, and moved into the box. Nyarko fell as he tried to follow.

Then Manneh, showing patience beyond his years, faked cutting across the middle which opened up his defender, then unleashed a shot between his legs. Boom. Back of the net. Instead of my piss-poor description, check out the video.

It was a super goal for the super rookie, and a reminder that Martin Rennie has some serious depth on the bench as this season wears on.

Side note; When I was 18 years old, I was sneaking Budweiser and trying to see if Dark Side of the Moon matched up with the Wizard of Oz.

This kid is pretty damn good.