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Who Are Ya?

This has been rolling around at the back of my head for a while now, and I'm finally getting to it - kinda like the grass I keep promising to cut. Judging from the number of Twitter followers - now more than 950 - it would seem that the 86 Forever faithful have grown in number. Recent additions to our writing staff have no doubt helped to boost our readership.

Bearing in mind that we do seem to be a growing concern, yet still limited to a staff of four, I think it's important to explore our readership a little more closely.

Contrary to what you might suspect, at least at the editorial level, we're not privy to your email address, location, age, credit card info, gender, or real name. Hell, Rituro is still "Rituro" to me - for all I know, his real name could be Vincent Furnier - but then again, who'd want to be called that? And that's all well and good - none of us need to know what items might arrive at your doorstep discretely wrapped in brown paper.

But, in order to maximize delivery of the best content, and in order to provide you the type of information you'd most like to read about here@86 Forever... I kindly ask that you take 30 seconds from your busy day to help us understand you, our readers. If you've never voted in a poll before, here's your chance! Please choose the option that best describes the segment that you fall under.