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High Praise for Manneh

Kekuta Manneh- likened to Thierry Henry?!? No pressure, though.


He's only scored once this MLS season, but Kekuta Manneh has shown flashes of brilliance, teasing and hinting of the player he may one day become. However, could he be as good as Thierry Henry? Don Gemmel from Rush Sports certainly thinks so.

In an interview posted onto, Gemmel heaps praise onto our budding young striker, describing him as "the best pure finisher he had ever coached." It should be mentioned that Gemmel apparently coached Manneh while the pair were with the Texas Rush youth developmental squad.

Later in the piece, he says "Perhaps it's a bit early to make this comparison, but he sounds like a young Thierry Henry."

Wow. I'm a fan of Manneh and I salivate at what he could bring to this club one day... but Henry? Comparing a once-a-generation player to an 18 year old? To me, this article seems to contain a hell of a lot of hyperbole.

However, this post is about you. It's an interesting article, and definitely worth a read.

What do you think? Is this a ridiculous, unbelievable comparison? Or do you see flashes of Henry in Manneh?