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'Caps make it official, sign Ousted

The worst kept secret in Vancouver has finally been confirmed.

Jeff Vinnick

The Vancouver Whitecaps finally put pen to ink today, signing Danish Goalkeeper David Ousted to a deal that was not disclosed, per team policy. Ousted won't be available to play for the Whitecaps until the transfer window closes, so July 14th versus Chicago looks to be his likely debut.

The Whitecaps had hinted there would at least one signing before the window closed, and a Danish media outlet first reported Ousted was the mystery man. While the Whitecaps refused to comment publicly until today, it was pretty clear the writing was on the wall.

Per the Whitecaps official press release, Ousted has played ten years in Denmark, including four in Superliga. In 103 career matches, Ousted has 35 shutouts.

So, that means the end for either Joe Cannon or Brad Knighton, although that won't be as easy as it seems. Cannon is 38, makes more than he should, and hasn't played in recent weeks ever since Brad Knighton wrestled the reigns away. Cannon will be a hard sell to most teams, although he does have plenty of experience on his resume which might be attractive to some.

The there's Brad Knighton. Ten years younger than Cannon and cheaper, Knighton is currently the 'Caps starting keeper, and has been a part of the Whitecaps recent surge of success. However, Knighton has yet to truly grab a stranglehold on the starting spot, which is why Ousted is in. Furthermore, Knighton may be easier to move, and it's not like Cannon isn't used to being a backup at this point.

Then there's the third option; what if Knighton and Cannon both go, and the Whitecaps run with Ousted and bring up Simon Thomas to ride the pine for the remainder of the season? It would give the Whitecaps plenty of cap room, but would essentially torpedo the 'Caps if Ousted were to fall with injury at some point. It's not likely to happen, I'm not saying it will happen, but I do just want to toss that out there.

By the way, with three matches to go until Ousted tosses on a kit, if Brad Knighton wants to hold onto his spot, he had better play the most inspired football of his career. The clock is now officially ticking.