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Ousted to join Whitecaps?

The rumor mill is swirling that Danish Goalkeeper David Ousted is the Whitecaps next signing.




Hands up if you saw that one coming.

According to multiple reports, the Whitecaps are close to signing 28 year old Danish Goalkeeper David Ousted, a surprising move that would leave the club with three 'keepers vying for time. The scoop was actually broken by Danish media first, and that original article is here for your reading pleasure. (Hope you know how to use Google Translate)

Now, if this signing is genuine, that doesn't mean the Whitecaps are fully done. Rennie went on the TEAM 1040 radio station earlier this week and mentioned multiple signings might be coming down the pipe, not just one. Still, it's a curious move given the Whitecaps already have Joe Cannon and Brad Knighton on the books, two solid keepers at the MLS level. Obviously, if this move is genuine, the Whitecaps would be looking at jettisoning Joe Cannon, as his age and price tag outweigh that of Brad Knighton. This must be a tough pill for Knighton to swallow, given he has just wrangled the reigns back from Cannon.

In my opinion, while goalkeeping hasn't exactly been a strength of the club, it hasn't been a weakness either. If the Whitecaps believe this is the move that will propel them into the playoffs, or even reduce some of the sting from the Alain Rochat fumble, they are sorely mistaken.

Ousted is currently playing with Randers FC of the Danish Super Liga, although it looks like he is not interested in extending his contract. For what it's worth, he had 14 clean sheets in 39 appearances there. He's got good size as well, at 6'3, but people much wiser about the game have commented to me, he's not exactly lighting the world on fire back home. In fact, the kindest compliment I heard was, 'above average.'

Once again, if this is one in a series of moves, it's impossible to judge it right now. However, if this is all the Whitecaps have in mind, then Jay Demerit and Andy O'Brien had better get healthy now.