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Help is on the way; 'Caps will sign another

The Vancouver Whitecaps say they are close to signing another player


The Vancouver Whitecaps released a few tasty tidbits of information today, as they prepare to take on the New England Revolution without Center Back Andy O'Brien. Yes, easily the most devastating injury to the 'Caps since Captain Jay Demerit went down isn't expected to be too serious, but the makeshift backline will need to survive for at least one match. Carlyle Mitchell, who was battling an ankle injury recently, appears to be the band-aid, which should make us all cry just a tiny bit.

However, it does appear the cavalry is on the way. The Whitecaps announced today they are expecting to sign a player from Europe, although it will take at least another week. Multiple media outlets also reported the Alain Rochat trade was to clear enough salary to sign this player.

Hold up; the Whitecaps decided to take a known quantity in Rochat, a historically reliable guy who was having an off-season, and then trade him away for what's behind door number 2? Obviously the Whitecaps have put a lot of stock in the player, which is definitely a good thing. If the Whitecaps can add a stud defender to their club, it would actually make their backline somewhat formidable again the minute Andy O'Brien gets back. However, what if it's an attacking player? Do the Whitecaps really need an attacking player, with the emergence of Russell Teibert and the wonderful recent play of Camilo? We still have Darren Mattocks on the bench when he gets back from International play, Kenny Miller and plenty of young talent. Obviously every club could use a star striker, but I would argue that's not where help is needed on this roster.

Before you ask, Whitecaps management were also questioned about the status of the recently-released Vancouver native Terry Dunfield, who as we all know, has already had one go around with the club. Well, according to News1130 Sports, the Whitecaps have absolutely zero interest in bringing him back. That's not totally surprising, especially if the Whitecaps are pinching pennies. Well, that and it's not like Dunfield exactly lit the world on fire when he was here; he had his fair share of struggles and bone headed play.

So, do we have any guesses? Who will be the next player to throw on a Whitecaps kit? Will it be a washed up former Premier player, or will the Whitecaps hit another home run like they did with Nigel Reo-Coker? Whoever he is, he had better be worth it.