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Whitecaps - California Screamin

With the LA Galaxy in town this coming weekend, a little self-indulgence on a sunny afternoon combines with the fact that Vancouver's in desperate need of a win, and has yet to notch up their first-ever victory over LA.

Sung to the tune of the iconic 60's hit "California Dreamin'":

Maybe they’ll wear their brown - it’s so hard to say,

I’ve been waitin’ long for the match today,

I’d gladly take the “under” if the match was in LA

California screamin’, glad Beckham’s gone away.

Stopped into a pub I passed along the way,

I quickly downed a pint and began to pay,

You know the ‘keeper serves it cold,

He hopes I’m gonna stay,

California screamin’ Caps better win today.

Dark Arbutus brown, kinda fits their play

The Galaxy in town for the match today,

Oh Mr. Martin Rennie get your boys to play,

California screamin’, we need a win today.