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Who is earning their keep?

Continuing Rob Scott's article...


My counterpart Rob Scott recently published an overview of the salaries for the Vancouver Whitecaps. You can check that out here.

There weren't too many surprises, as we generally have a good idea of how each guy is compensated. Rather, for some players it was a stark reminder that they're being paid far too much, and for others, not enough. (There aren't too many of those)

Without further ado, here is the 86Forever salary analysis, filled with plenty of cynicism, jealousy, and snarkiness.

Paid Too Much

Jordan Harvey, $112,500 The first name that leaps off the page is that of Jordan Harvey. A serviceable defender last season, Harvey is now completely a security option, a depth choice in case either Alain Rochat or YP Lee goes down with injury. Hey, it's great to have a few solid veteran players on the roster, but they generally play a few minutes now and then. Harvey has been stapled to the bench for so long, his butt probably smells like pine. It's actually quite ironic, because Harvey made less last season ($100,000) when he actually was a contributing member to the club. He's actually gotten a raise while becoming a body on the sideline. (NOTE: Not blaming Whitecaps for that, they didn't sign him to that contract)

Daigo Kobayashi, $225,000 Is it too early to be judging our prize acquisition from the off-season? Hell no. Kobayashi came out of the gates flying, looking like a revelation in the first two matches of the season for the Whitecaps. Since then, he's disappeared, making only the slightest contribution. Hey, you almost always have to overpay for good players, but Kobayashi really hasn't earned his big pay for the majority of the season. Think about it this way; who's been better, NIgel Reo-Coker or Daigo Kobayashi? Well, Kobayashi is making 25 grand more than Reo-Coker this season, and I'm going to leave it at that.

Kenny Miller, $1,114,992 Look, I know Miller was the feel good story early in the year, but a cool million? That would be a lot of money for 90% of the league. Are we going to try and make the argument that Miller is in the upper 10% of MLS? I've really liked what Miller has brought to the table this season in terms of hustle, dedication and finish, but he had one mediocre season, and now has been bitten by the injury bug. In terms of bang for your buck, Miller certainly leaves something to be desired.

I was going to put in a 'paid too little' list in here, but couldn't find one. So, instead..

Paid Just Right..

Jun-Marques Davidson, $74,250. Davidson doesn't get much publicity for his play, but he's been pretty defensively solid for the 'Caps since he joined the squad. Sure, his play isn't flashy, and you could criticize him for playing too safe, but less goals tend to go in when he's on the pitch, for the most part. He won't bring you much offense, which probably pisses his agent off come contract time, but he's a very serviceable member of the club for his pay.

Andy O'Brien, $200,000. When Jay Demerit went down with injury, Andy O'Brien quickly became the glue of the Whitecaps backline. Lee and Rochat have struggled a bit this season, Rusin has had his ups and downs, but O'Brien has been absolutely rock solid. Sure, he's been the victim of a couple of own goals, but he's arguably been the best acquisition of Martin Rennie's tenure with the 'Caps. He makes good money, but he's worth every penny.