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Now That's Entertainment...

In the aftermath of the Vancouver Whitecaps' failed bid to become Canadian champions there's been much finger pointing and post-apocalyptic vitriol spilled across the pages. Now that everybody's had a chance to vent, maybe in the cold light of day we can pull back and take a broader view of things.


The Caps fell short of their stated objective, and yeah soccer fans in Vancouver are bummed out. I grew up on a steady diet of watching the Vancouver Canucks get pummeled by the Leafs and the Habs, so seeing the Impact steal victory late in the match against the Whitecaps wasn't wholly unexplored territory.

But forget the final score, and ignore seeing Les Bleus hoisting the Championship trophy for a second, and consider one simple question. Was the match entertaining?

Pro sports are all about entertainment, plain and simple. To that end, watching a football match is no different from watching a movie, attending a concert, or the taking in the latest incarnation of the Cirque du Soleil.

Yes, in sports there's the result factor, the "we won" or "we lost" element, but let's all try to separate the final result from the product and process that took us there. Again, I ask: Was the match entertaining? Overall, I'd have to put my vote down for a "yes". But maybe I'm just easily pleased. What did you think about the game last night?