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Crossover with RSL Soapbox

Chatting once again, with the esteemed (his words) Matt Montgomery.


1) What did RSL learn from their last match against Vancouver?

How do I say this delicately? We learned that referees are dismal when it comes to handballs. That's all.
In all seriousness, that match, combined with some of our other matches around it, speaks of our inconsistency as a side. Even within a match we go from looking very good to looking dull and drained. But we also learned that Olmes Garcia is very, very good and ready for minutes early in his RSL career. That goal - we're all still salivating over it. We also can't forget Nick Rimando, who was forced into some fantastic saves. We need to be better there.

2) Obviously RSL is having a tough season. How do they turn it around, or can they?

There's no doubt that it can all be turned around, and even with the losses, there's been reason for encouragement. The young players are, by and large, coming along, and we're getting to learn all sorts of things about our depth while more senior players flit in and out of injuries. Turning the ship around - and it's not a small ship - will require patience, plain and simple. Those moments for encouragement will take time to develop into real factors week-in, week-out. It might not be until the summer, but there's plenty of evidence that we'll get there.

3) Who is the key to RSL's success? Who should the 'Caps keep an eye on?
Javier Morales. At least in part. The playmaker, the heartbeat of the side hasn't hit his top form yet in 2013, but he's still looking quite good and often driving the side forward. He'll need to continue to create chances for forwards - and hopefully get on the end of a few more himself - for RSL to really succeed. That doesn't change on Saturday. Who else eyes should be kept on depends on how the forwards fare with injuries - it might be Devon Sandoval and Joao Plata out there, and certainly they deserve attention, but they're not at the level of Alvaro Saborio, Robbie Findley, and Olmes Garcia - at least not yet.