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Marlon Ramirez to the Whitecaps?

Another Honduran player might be wearing the blue, white (and sometimes arbutus brown) very soon.

Ned Dishman

My Spanish is a bit rusty, but it looks like another Honduran player could be making their way to the Vancouver Whitecaps. According to this article, forward Marlon Ramirez will join the club on loan from his club, CDS Vida as soon as possible. The article actually quotes Ramirez saying he expects to be on the reserves team, and in time he may be able to work his way into a regular MLS role.

What do we know about him? Well, according to Marc Weber of The Province newspaper, Ramirez and fellow Honduran Johnny Leveron actually have the same agent, Eduardo Pedemonte. Like most Whitecaps players these days, he's a young guy at 22 years old.

Whitecaps GM Bob Lenarduzzi acknowleged the move today as well, according to News 1130. Lenarduzzi said Ramirez has already been in Vancouver for a week, and he's joining the club for developmental reasons. So, while he may be a little older than Kekuta Manneh, and the same age as Darren Mattocks, it might be a while before we see Ramirez make an impact at the MLS level.