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Ji-Sung Park Rumors Continue

The rumor mill keeps on swirling..

Christopher Lee

The mirror is reporting the Queens Park Rangers are very close to waving bye-bye to South Korean midfielder Ji-Sung Park, insinuating that MLS teams will be very much in the chase to nab him.

QPR isn't exactly having a magical season, and the decision to offload Park and his £2 million salary is basically a cost cutting move.

The 32 year old has been linked to the Vancouver Whitecaps ever since YP Lee stirred the pot in early March, suggesting he might try and influence his fellow countryman to make the change to Vancouver.

For those who don't know, Park has an extensive EPL resume, lacing up his boots for Manchester United just two seasons ago.

The Whitecaps are far from the only team in the mix to sign Park, as Toronto FC, as well as teams in the United Arab Emirates are expected to make offers if he becomes available.

What do y'all think? This isn't exactly new information, as the Whitecaps have been rumored to make a play for Park for a while. Do you see him ever donning a Whitecaps kit?