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Match Preview: FC Dallas at Vancouver Whitecaps

I feel like I just did one of these...


The Match

The Vancouver Whitecaps (2-3-2) haven't won a match since that two game winning streak to open the season. That's bad. In order to get back on track, they're going to have to take down the giant of the Western Conference, FC Dallas. That's worse. Lastly, they're coming off a win against FC Edmonton, that saw them claw back from a goal down and eventually win. That's... better?

For FC Dallas (6-1-1), it's a chance to sweep the team that essentially put them out of the playoffs last year, so you know they want this one.

The Backline

The defenders on this club finally got somewhat of a rest this week, as everyone except Andy O'Brien sat out the contest vesus FC Edmonton. However, they still played last weekend, so it isn't as big a spell of relief as I'm sure they'd like. Still though, they'll have their work cut out for them, but they played relatively well versus Dallas last week, save a few unlucky bounces.

The Attack

Rennie is taking tons of heat for the lineup of second stringers he sent out the last time these two teams met. No Camilo, no Koffie, no Mattocks; it was a questionable decision, and one that he'll be hearing about for a long time. Camilo has easily been the club's most consistent scorer, so he's exempt from this, and Kenny Miller has looked fantastic when he's been healthy, so he gets a pass too. However, Mattocks has looked like a shell of his former self, Koffie lost his starting position to Russell Teibert, and Nigel Reo-Coker has yet to duplicate his first performance of the season versus Toronto FC. These are players that this club needs so desperately right now.

The Prediction

I have little faith in this club right now, and though it hurts to say, I don't see them toppling the Toro's. With a heavy heart, I say Dallas 2, Vancouver 1.