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Things to watch: Whitecaps vs FC Edmonton

It's Amway time, baby!

Nick Didlick

The Whitecaps may be heavily favored to win this one, but you know the cliche; Any given Sunday! (Wednesday?) It should be a fun match to watch, and here are three storylines you might find interesting.

1) What lineup will Rennie use?

There's been tons of negative press coverage over Martin Rennie's peculiar lineup choice against FC Dallas on the weekend. He's come out lately to say he did it to rest his guys up for this match. So, that would mean a cast of regulars might find their way back to the pitch, like Camilo, Darren Mattocks, and even Gershon Koffie considering Russell Teibert didn't have his best match on the weekend. However, I've predicted an incorrect lineup so many times now it's not even funny, so I'll defer on this until Rennie actually announces it. Oh what the hell, I'll give it one more shot; I've liked Teibert's game a lot, so I'd like to see him get a quick shot at redemption here. For my money, Jun-Marques Davidson could take a match off, with Teibert stepping in for him. That would essentially stack the midfield with the likes of Koffie, Teibert, Reo-Coker and Kobayashi, which would, at the very least, be incredibly fun to watch. By the way, if Erik Hurtado gets another start, I may pull my hair out.

2) They had better win...

Considering the 'Caps rested their starters against FC Dallas, consider this the soccer equivalent of 'going all in.' By resting their best attacking players, they're essentially telling the fans they're completely focusing on this match, and Dallas was something they didn't care too much about. I've voiced my opinion on this philosophy already, so I won't beleaguer the point. Simply put: they had better win this match.

3) On a different note...

Veering away from the future and looking back to the past, did anyone else see Dallas trolling the Whitecaps on their website? I'm not sure why they chose to pick on the 'Caps, especially Joe Cannon, when you consider that Cannon was easily the 'Caps best player. Obviously FC Dallas hasn't gotten over not making the play-offs last season, which is understandable. Still though, this video tries to be pithy, and comes off more like high school girl bitchy. Just my two cents.

Enjoy the match, boys and girls.