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Chatting with RSL Soapbox

Some insight from RSL blog manager Matt Montgomery.


Q: RSL has had a slow start so far this season. What area of their game is lacking right now?

A: Consistency, plain and simple. It's a problem you're always going to experience with a young group (or young portion of a group, as the case may be) that is still finding footing in the league and amongst each other. Oh - that, and goals. With Robbie Findley and Joao Plata returning, maybe that's less of an issue.

Q: There's been plenty of discussion surrounding Alvaro Saborio and his missed PK against Colorado. Is this something that will affect his game moving forward, or is it old news to him now?

A: That's old news to him, I'm sure. He's always a little streaky in his play, but I'm of the opinion that playing with a slight knock to his knee did more damage to his last match than that penalty miss. In fact, I'd probably attribute part of the miss to that - and a fine save, let it be said. He's shown remarkable ability to bounce back, so I'm not particularly worried. Here's hoping he scores a few on Saturday.

Q: Do you see the Rapids match as an aberration? Or is the beginning of a downward slide?

A: It's neither an aberration or a slide: It's the season so far. Two good wins, a few less good losses, and some moments where we just don't look anywhere close to dominant. It's just the state of the season so far. We've been riding this pattern all year, and I don't expect it'll change immediately. You can expect either a great RSL or a mediocre RSL on Saturday.

Q: Lastly, after any tough match teammates can usually look up to one guy to step up and help right the ship. Who is that guy for RSL?

A: It's hard to pinpoint one player in that regard. We've got a squad full of them: Kyle Beckerman comes to mind - there's a reason he's the captain - but it could just as well be Nat Borchers, Javier Morales, Chris Wingert, or Nick Rimando that keeps everyone level-headed and ready for the next one.