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Three Questions with Bob Lenarduzzi

His thoughts on the team so far

Kim Stallknecht

One of the perks of this site is being able to speak with people I have no business speaking with. Bob Lenarduzzi is one of those people, yet he was kind enough to speak with me yesterday for a couple of minutes. I was able to ask him a pretty wide variety of questions, and I've included his best answers in this article. The great thing about interviewing Lenarduzzi is he doesn't pull any punches; he gives his honest opinion every time.

On the Road Record...

Lenarduzzi: I'm generally pleased with how we've played recently, and I don't think the road record is a true representation of how we've been out there. Against Chivas USA and Houston, I think those are two matches where we outchanced them. That being said, I think we were lucky to get a point against San Jose.

On Nigel Reo-Coker's leadership and the midfield...

Lenarduzzi: [Reo-Coker's] leadership qualities were something we were aware of before he got here, and I think the relationship he's forming with Russell Teibert is an example of that. I think the midfield was outstanding against Toronto FC, and then again versus Columbus. However, I don't feel they've been as impactful on the road. It's not anyone in particular, I just feel the midfield hasn't been on the same page the last three matches. If they just keep doing the right things, they'll figure it out.

On Erik Hurtado, and young players getting time on the pitch...

Lenarduzzi: I think at times he's been very good, and at times he's been very bad. There's a range to his play, but that's expected with young players. I think as he matures, he's going to be a very important piece of the puzzle here. The important thing with young players is, you don't want to rush them, but, yeah, it's been nice to see the youth get some time.