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The three Whitecaps under the most pressure

Come on, you all know who number one is

Cooper Neill

Pressure is an everyday part of pro sports. These guys deal with insane amounts of pressure to produce, and if they don't, they're either vilified in their city, or shipped out on the next bus outta dodge.

That being said, there are three Vancouver Whitecaps that will be facing more pressure than anyone else on the team. All of these people have to have statement seasons in 2013, or else they could find themselves out of Vancouver in a real hurry.

3) Camilo Sanvezzo

2011 was his banner year; he led the team in goals, he established himself as the most creative striker in a Whitecaps kit, and he looked poised to build on the great season in 2012. It didn't happen. He was slowed by injuries the entire year, and only managed 5 goals in 28 matches. (started 19 of them.) It was unfortunate, considering the Whitecaps struggled to put the ball in the net pretty much the whole season, and they could have used a 2011-esque season from the 24 year old Brazilian. Here's the thing about injuries; they suck. You get hurt and it's not your fault, but now you have to perform even better when you are healthy to prove you're worth the 'risk.' If Camilo has another injury prone year, or is healthy and his offense still sags, you won't see him in a 'Caps jersey in 2014.

2) Martin Rennie

He was the golden boy for the first half of the Whitecaps 2012 season. He could do no wrong! Then the wheels fell off the bus and he was brought back down to Earth in a hurry. Rennie had a sparkling reputation when he came to the Whitecaps, and though he is still highly regarded, some of the shine has come off. If the 'Caps struggle like they did in the latter half of 2012, Rennie could be on the chopping block, something that would`ve been shocking in the beginning of 2012. Rennie will face more scrutiny this season then he ever has before, especially if the 'Caps prove to struggle in the early going. I have faith in Rennie, and believe he's an excellent coach that deserves to be here. At the end of the day, it's about results.

1) Kenny Miller

Come on. You knew this one the minute you read the title. Yes, Kenny Miller is without a doubt feeling the most pressure of any player on the Whitecaps right now. His dismal 2012 campaign already has most of the fan base turned against him, and his hefty price tag has become a common joke among followers of the team. This is Millers chance to prove himself, to prove that he can still be a valuable commodity on a young franchise. The Whitecaps brass has every faith in him, and they'll give him every chance to succeed. If he doesn't, especially early on in the season, they might just cut their losses and move on.

What do you guys think? Is there anybody that deserves to be on this list?