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Whitecaps Unveil New Primary 2013 Kit

What do you think? The 'Caps have launched a new kit

Ned Dishman

The Vancouver Whitecaps have finally released their new 2013 primary kits, and they aren't half bad. They aren't much different either. I could try to describe it, but just take a look at the video. (Ladies, Jay Demerit is shirtless in it)

As you can see, the new kits have diagonal blue stripes over the primary white color. What do you guys think? In my opinion, these are miles better than the arbutus brown jerseys, so that's something.

The only real critique I have is the music playing in that video. It sounds suspiciously like dubstep, which is the third worst thing on the planet. (Bank Lineups and Honey Boo-Boo currently occupying spots 1 and 2)