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Koffie Gets Permanent Residency Card; agrees to contract extension

The Whitecaps have made another huge signing.

Rich Lam

The Vancouver Whitecaps waited before making their most important signing of the off-season.

The club agreed to an extension with midfielder Gershon Koffie, this after speculation was rampant that he was too talented for the club to hold onto.

Not only that, Koffie also obtained his permanent Canadian Residency Card, making him a domestic player. That gives the Whitecaps 11 International spots heading into 2013.

This is great news for the 'Caps and the city of Vancouver, as the club holds on to one of their most talented players for a while (terms of the deal were not disclosed), but it also shows the love Koffie has for this city, and the faith he has in this team.

The Whitecaps made a few high profile moves this off-season, the most recent being Nigel Reo-Coker, but this is easily the most satisfying. Koffie is a core player that will only get better as his game matures. Bob Lenarduzzi has taken some flack for some of his signing failures (Robson, Jarju), but I would say he's earned a couple of weeks of back patting.

Well, until Kenny Miller goes through a scoring drought.