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Caps rally from one goal down; Defeat Dynamo 2-1

I know I shouldn't be getting this excited over a preseason winning streak but.. oh what the hell, two in a row baby!

Victor Decolongon

Once again, this was a pre-season match, so I'll keep this brief, and I'll try not to put too much stock into it.

However, it's tough not to get just a little bit excited, considering the Whitecaps are 2-0 in the pre-season after staging a comeback in Arizona against the Houston Dynamo, with a 2-1 victory.

Darren Mattocks scored again, his fourth of the pre-season, and Corey Hertzog scored the match winner.

There's a long list of positive things from this match; first off, Darren Mattocks kept his hot streak going, which is great. He looks so confident on the pitch right now, and he's burying his chances, something that was an issue in his first season. Camilo assisted on his goal, and as I said in the last match, those two are showing some signs of chemistry early. Two matches in, two great performances from both of them. Mattocks will get most of the fanfare because he's scoring so many goals, but Camilo is really helping him out there with great passes and vision.

Secondly, Diago Kobayashi made his pre-season debut after halftime, and had a slew of chances he just couldn't bury. With Barry Robson gone, Martin Rennie will be looking for someone to step up and take command of free kicks, and Kobayashi had a good one tonight, he just didn't put it home. Camilo took the majority of free kicks in 2011, so you would think that he's probably going to be the guy for 2013, unless somebody else shows off a powerful foot.

Third, I have absolutely no idea who is going to start in goal when the season comes around. Last match, Joe Cannon conceded the only goal against the 'Caps. Tonight, it was Brad Knighton, and neither of the two keepers have truly stood up and took control of the position. Looks like Martin Rennie will have to make that decision himself, instead of the keepers making it for him.

In the end, back to back wins is great, but this isn't the regular season. Still, very nice to see, especially on the offensive side of the ball.

For those that saw the highlights, what did you see? What did you like? Comments below!