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Whitecaps to land Reo-Coker?

Hold your breath folks, the 'Caps might not be done yet

Laurence Griffiths

The rumor mill just keeps on churning.

According to a report from, former EPL midfielder Nigel Reo-Coker is extremely interested in joining the Whitecaps. In fact, if you're too lazy to read the article, Reo-Coker's agent is quoted as saying, "Nigel wants to become a Whitecaps player."

It's certainly not a done deal yet, and the rumor does come with it's complications.

According to the article, Reo-Coker is a free agent, but his discovery rights lie with the Portland Timbers. They wanted to do a deal with him, but first needed to unload striker Kris Boyd. The move was done, but their subsequent offer to Reo-Coker did not meet his approval. The Whitecaps then made their interest in the player known, and the two franchises have been discussing a deal ever since.

The main problem with the deal is that the Timbers aren't exactly hurrying to get a deal done soon, while the Whitecaps are getting impatient. The article goes as far as to say that the 'Caps have imposed a 'deal deadline' of midday Friday.

Reo-Coker comes with some issues as well. He doesn't exactly endear himself to fans (a simple google search if you're curious), and has been accused in the past of ego problems.

That being said, If he brings talent to the Whitecaps midfield, then I don't think many people will care too much. You could argue that Reo-Coker would be the most talented mid on the Whitecaps if he were on the roster right now. On a different note, He's also only 28, which, if he signs, is great news for the MLS. A young, talented player coming to a league that has been categorized as the 'retirement league' would be a nice get.

What do you think? Would Reo-Coker work in the Whitecaps locker room? Are you excited by this rumor?