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Heineman Letter a New(s) Benchmark

In our digital age, the single greatest benefit has been the exponential increase in access to information. But while the quantity of data available to the average sports fan is now enough to fill a storage facility the size of Mario Balotelli's ego, the quality of that same communication has taken a nose dive.

How refreshing it was, then, when I came across the letter this week from Sporting Club Kansas City CEO Robb Heineman to his team's fans.

In the letter, Heineman addresses the club's recent decision to enter into a short-term loan deal that sends forward Kei Kamara to Norwich City in the English Premier League.

For those only mildly familiar with Kamara, he's not just the straw that stirs the SKC drink, he's the barkeeper himself. Kamara was SKC's leading scorer the last three seasons. In 2012, he led the MLS in shots, and was No. 2 overall in shots on goal. He was responsible for a full third of all SKC's shots on goal last year. Suffice it to say that many SKC fans were less than thrilled when they heard the news of the Kamara deal.

Enter Heineman. In a world where the shelf-life of a message is most often measured in mere minutes, the CEO drafted a letter that sets new benchmarks for reasoned and transparent communication that, while it makes no apologies, is genuinely mindful of the respect and appreciation the club has for its supporters and fans - and the passion they share. His is a message that exudes sincerity, and whether or not one agrees with the move, I don't believe anyone can claim that it's not a clear, reasoned, and honest account of the situation.

Ethos, logos, and pathos - no, they're not SKC's starting midfield. They're the elements that differentiate Robb Heineman's letter from the standard PR communique that all too often gets cranked out by some soulless piece of software. Every MLS franchise should be so lucky.

You can read Robb Heineman's letter here.