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This Time It's Personal; Camilo Snubbed Again

Camilo was left off the MLS Best XI

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Spor

After taking some time to decompress and assess the situation again and again, I've come to this incredibly mature, well thought out response to the fine people who vote on MLS awards; you're all poop-heads.

Seriously though, despite leading the league in goals, despite scoring more than any other player in MLS this season, Camilo was snubbed for not only the MLS MVP race, but also for the 'Best XI' award, which was announced yesterday. Instead of Camilo, who, won the god damn golden boot, Marco Di Vaio, Mike Magee, and Robbie Keane found themselves getting the accolades instead.

I have no problem with the men, or the terrific seasons that they all had. However, I would like to pose one simple question. Why did Mike Magee make the cut? Here's my answer at least; He's American. I say that because Camilo had, statistically, a better season than Magee, and neither of them made the post-season. Therefore, while you can argue that Di Vaio and Keane had better seasons because they made it to the dance, but you can't say the same for the Chicago Fire striker. He had fewer goals, fewer overall points and he's golfing right now, just like Camilo. Except Camilo is Brazilian, and Magee is an American in an American league, so he gets bumped up on the list. Seriously, look over the stats and the circumstance; it's like MLS is pretending Camilo doesn't even exist.

I could turn this into a thousand word epic, but at the end of the day, these aren't important issues for the Vancouver Whitecaps. End of season awards are just gravy, and it's a waste of time trying to figure out why people vote the way they do. Instead, I'll simply say that MLS had a chance to promote a young, electrifying goal scorer that took the league by storm this year and ended up scoring more goals than anybody. However, for 'unknown' reasons, he's become a bridesmaid to three other players. It's shameful, but not entirely unexpected.