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Good News, Bad News; Carl Robinson

The Whitecaps new Head Coach gets the eightysixforever treatment

There's an upside and a downside in every situation. For instance, there's plenty to like about the 'Caps new choice for a head coach, Carl Robinson, and plenty to question. Here's another edition of good news, bad news.

The Good News! By promoting from within, the Whitecaps have chosen a player that is very familiar to his surroundings, and will have no excuse for not hitting the ground running.

The Bad News! He's been studying under a guy that management deemed expendable, and canned a few months ago. How much of Martin Rennie's coaching style, or game plan is in the head of Robinson?

Good News! Carl Robinson has a tremendous relationship with the Whitecaps players, known to be friends with pretty much all of them. So, he's a players coach, and has the support of many of the team's stars, including Camilo.

Bad News! Carl Robinson is known to be friendly with the players. However, is that a trait the club wants in a Head Coach? Will Robinson be able to reprimand any of the star players that have backed him for the job? It's purely opinion, but a players' coach isn't always an ideal coach.

Good News! Carl Robinson was chosen after a lengthy, exhaustive search in which some coaches left for greener pastures, but also, some impressive candidate(s) were turned down by the club. That means this isn't a knee jerk decision!

Bad News! He wasn't the first choice, or the second, or, hell, even the third. As Marc Weber of The Province pointed out in his article earlier, that doesn't exactly speak volumes about confidence from those making the decisions.