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Should the Whitecaps Move Camilo?

Put the pitchforks down!! Down!!!!!

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Spor

Hear me out first! Have you stopped smashing your keyboard with a hammer? Are there still photos of me on your dartboard? I know, heaven forbid I suggest such an outlandish move like dealing everybody's favorite player, Camilo. The man who has scored goals with more style than Neo from The Matrix, the 25 year old that brought the Whitecaps their first Golden Boot to go along with Goal of the Year; why on Earth would we deal him?

Well, the thing is, he had a really good season. A Reeeally good one, and he's apparently begun to draw interest from other teams. He's just 25 years old, a baby by professional athlete standards, and the hope is that he can continue to grow even more. However, given that MLS is not considered the best league in the world, considering that the league is generally considered a rest stop for young players on their way to glory, we have to ask ourselves this question; How long can we expect to keep him here, anyway?

My guess is that Camilo would've generated more interest if it hadn't been for that injury plagued season in 2012. Who knows, maybe his lack of size has even played a role in keeping some teams at bay. However, if Camilo puts forth another stellar campaign next season (if he's here), then you would have to think that some team with a better budget and more prestige behind their badge will poach him quicker than Carl Valentine lost his hair. (Still love you, Carl)

It's the same situation with players like Kekuta Manneh and Darren Mattocks. At the end of the day, they very well could become too big for the Vancouver Whitecaps. So, I guess my point is, sell high? If Camilo comes streaking back to Earth like the meteor in Deep Impact, his trade value is kaput. Considering that, if he becomes the player we all hope he can become, then history dictates he'll move on. So, why risk him having an 'off' 2014?

Now, the one difference with Camilo is that he appears to be committed to this team, and this country for that matter. Last Summer, he told reporters that he had applied for permanent residency, much like teammate Gershon Koffie did. He's expressed interest in donning the red kit for Team Canada at some point in his career, so maybe he actually is here for the long haul.

Whatever the case, it certainly is a nice problem to have.