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Mattocks wants out of Vancouver?

Darren Mattocks made some extremely curious statements while appearing on "Football GPS" in Jamaica.


Darren Mattocks may not want to return to the Vancouver Whitecaps next season, if you believe what he said on Jamaican television recently. Speaking on "Football GPS", Mattocks made several critical comments of the team, and former Head Coach Martin Rennie.

Mattocks tries to explain to the host that the season didn't exactly go well for him. When pressed a bit, he explains that he never really saw eye to eye with the recently fired Martin Rennie, and perhaps most shockingly says, "If I said I wanted to go back to Vancouver, I'd be lying."

You can check the video here.

Mattocks comes out flippant and arrogant during the interview, snickering at questions and essentially throwing the Vancouver Whitecaps management under the bus. He's asked about his struggles during the season, and he seems to place all the blame at the feet of the club, saying they didn't know how to use him. He also mentions his desire to go to Europe to play, as all young players want to play in the best league in the world.

We've heard Mattocks questioned about his work ethic and his attitude, though we've never really seen the full spectrum of the issue. Now that we've seen this different side of Darren Mattocks, we still don't know the full story, but we certainly have torn down a bit of the mystery.

There have been a few trade rumors out there involving Mattocks, which just a year ago would have seemed insane. However, after this display, I say Bob Lenarduzzi will probably make a few calls. Whether or not you agree with the statements he made during the interivew, we can all agree that it was incredibly unprofessional. He often makes mention of everything he's accomplished in MLS at such a young age; however, it's pretty clear to me that putting a good head on his shoulders is not one of them .