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Miller to return to Whitecaps?

The veteran striker appears to be committed to the Vancouver Whitecaps, and not the Rangers


It seems that the Scottish media has been waiting on the return of Kenny Miller since, well, since he signed with the Vancouver Whitecaps in 2012. Every time he returns to his home country, he's peppered with the same questions about his plans for the future, and which kit he'll be putting on when he does take the pitch.

In a new interview with the Belfast Telegraph, Miller appears to be committed to the Vancouver Whitecaps, and most importantly, getting his knee healed.You can check the video out here.

In the interview, Miller speaks about how pleased he is with the Scottish National team and their progression towards the 2016 European Championship qualifying, and how tough it's been to watch, rather than play. Miller retired from International duty earlier this year to cut down on his injuries, and focus on MLS.

Of course, he also touches on the rampant rumors linking him to Rangers FC, saying that he's preparing for the Whitecaps, but also that anything is possible.

If Miller is serious, it would be a nice addition to a Whitecaps group that could use a 100% healthy Miller, especially since he was the Whitecaps most consistent scoring threat this season, besides Camilo.