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Interesting Results from "The Province" Fan Poll

The newspaper asked readers to answer some questions, with some eyebrow raising statistics

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

'The Provice' Newspaper recently held a fan poll, in which they asked a variety of questions and asked readers to vote on them. A pretty simple premise, no? If you're not following me right now, you probably shouldn't be on the internet unsupervised.

Nonetheless, moving on.

You can check out the poll here, but here are some of the highlights.

  • Fans feel overwhelmingly that letting Martin Rennie go was a bad decision. 74% to 26%
  • Surprisingly, 78% feel this season was a step forward in the team's progression, with 12% saying 'stagnant.'
  • 78% feel the upper level at BC Place should opened.
  • 53% feel defense is the team's biggest area of concern, followed by 40% for attacking midfield.
  • 81% think we should unload Darren Mattocks. (Bless all of you)
  • Get this; 89% say let Miller leave when his contract expires. No love for the Scotsman?
  • Finally, in a true testament to the anger growing within this fanbase, 68% said they no longer had faith in this front office. 17% Said it was slipping; Just 15% said yes. Wow.
  • Who's the most important Whitecap for next year? 51% say Kekuta Manneh, with Gershon Koffie getting 22%.
I really only take issue with one point, and that is the team needs help on defense. Really, once they find a replacement for YP Lee and possibly re-sign Demerit, that will be the team's strength. Leveron and Mitchell are ready for primetime, and Rusin and Harvey are great depth options. No real worry there for me.