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Hold the Phone; Yallop Hired in Chicago

Looks like Vancouver's Frank Yallop won't be joining the Whitecaps.


After speculation that Frank Yallop was set to become the Vancouver Whitecaps next Head Coach, after the tenure of Martin Rennie came to an abrupt end, it appears that won't come to be. Multiple sources have confirmed that Yallop has chosen the Chicago Fire over his hometown Whitecaps, because, according to Kyle McCarthy, it was over the extent of control over team affairs. Hmm. Does that mean the Whitecaps front office wasn't willing to reliqunish as much power as Yallop would have liked? In any case, it all but confirms the Whitecaps were interested in signing the former San Jose Earthquake manager, as this was a two-horse race for his services.

Soccer By Ives has reported that Yallop will only be working in the Head Coach capacity with the Fire, not as a GM/Head Coach combo. Earlier reports from other media outlets had Jesse March returning to MLS to take over the helm for the Fire, however those were quickly debunked.

It sets up an interesting situation for the Vancouver Whitecaps; with the 'slam dunk' candidate now off the table, who will be behind the bench for the club in 2014? Will the club have to look deeper than they thought previous? In any case, the next hire could make or break the tenure of Bob Lenarduzzi, who has appeared to escape the season relatively unscathed.

Finally, while we'll never know the exact reason Yallop chose Chicago over Vancouver, you have to wonder one thing; do you think turnover, like say, three coaches in three MLS seasons was a bit of an eyebrow raiser for his camp?