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The Final Match; Looking at the Lineup

The Vancouver Whitecaps should field a mix of veterans and youth in the final match of the season.


Has everybody calmed down now? Well, maybe that's a bit of a tall order. Has everybody at least, simmered down? Can Martin Rennie walk the streets of Vancouver safely? Good, because now we're going to be talking about a completely meaningless match that will end the Whitecaps season, a season in which they were expected to at least sneak into the playoffs as a low seed. This was supposed to be the best match of the season considering what was on the line, and instead it will be reduced to a farewell match for some of our favorite veterans. If I could facepalm any harder, my hand would literally be in my skull.

Nonetheless, the Whitecaps final match of the season will be on the pitch at BC Place, meaning the club has a chance to extend some class towards a couple of veterans that have been great soldiers for this club. First off, Joe Cannon needs to get this start. It's an idea I saw in the 86forever comments section, and one that makes more and more sense as I think about it. Cannon never complained when he was demoted to third string, making lives infinitely easier for Whitecaps front brass and the coaching staff. In all of my dealings with Cannon, he's always been extremely warm, welcoming and, though he can be aloof at times, I completely respect him as a human being and soccer professional. So, why not give the old guy another shot in net? It's more than likely going to be his final match in MLS, certainly in a Whitecaps uniform anyways, so let's give the first goalkeeper in the Whitecaps MLS history a decent sendoff.

Secondly, YP Lee may have only been here for two years, but he's grown the Whitecaps brand immensely, has taken younger players under his wing, and was easily the Whitecaps best player last season. As such a great ambassador for the club, you know the Whitecaps will put him in the starting lineup for the final match. I don't think any ceremonies or presentations are needed, although the crowd should be sure to give Lee the send off he deserves. (I've never had to worry about the cheer volume in BC Place before, anyways)

In addition, let's get our young guys out onto the pitch for an extended period of time. With the match meaningless, why not send out guys like Hurtado and Leveron, in addition to recent fixtures like Manneh and Mitchell. Give them some playing time in front of a screaming BC Place crowd with little to no pressure, and see if they can dazzle the crowd.

Finally, though we tend to worry about injury, make sure Camilo gets on the pitch for a chance at 20 goals. It wouldn't mean anything, of course, but it would be very nice to see him reach that statistical water mark, as well as giving the Whitecaps franchise a little street cred moving forward. As for Jay Demerit, given that he still doesn't have a contract extension, why not give him some time out there, just in case an agreement can't be reached? 'Caps fans deserve a chance to see their Captain in action one last time, if it is going to be the last time.

What about you guys? Anything we have to see before the season is through?