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Manneh on the Move?

A Gambian newspaper has printed that three European clubs are set for a bidding war for the services of Kekuta Manneh.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Spor

Well, I guess we knew this was always going to happen, I just didn't know it would take place so soon.

According to a story from the "Daily Observer" in Gambia, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea are all set to compete for the services of the 18 year old, apparently set in motion after his hat trick performance against the Seattle Sounders. Chelsea is interesting, because Manneh actually trained with the club for a brief spell in 2010.

No idea if these are factual or just rumblings, but one things for sure; if Manneh does leave the Whitecaps, it won't come cheap. Considering he has youth on his side, with blinding speed and plenty of finish, Manneh has shown that he can flat out play the game.

While it might be hard for 'Caps fans to picture selling their prized prospect, it makes complete sense. MLS is not yet an 'elite' league as it were, and Manneh stands to earn substantially more money on a club like Chelsea. Plus, if Manneh is sold, the Whitecaps will be compensated handsomely, money they could be spending elsewhere on the pitch.

In any case, it's just a rumor for right now.