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Mattocks hat trick; 'Caps win in pre-season

Darren Mattocks looked impressive, and the `Caps easily win their match of the pre-season.

Victor Decolongon

This is a pre-season match, and I put absolutely zero stock in pre-season matches, so I'll make this brief.

The 'Caps beat the New England Revolution handily tonight, 4-1 in Arizona.

Darren Mattocks had three goals for the 'Caps, while Kenny Miller scored on a penalty kick for the other goal.

It looks like Camilo and Darren Mattocks showed some chemistry on the pitch tonight, which could be the best thing to ever happen to this club. Could you imagine Mattocks continuing to improve and mature while Camilo does the same beside him? If these two can make a relationship work on the pitch, you wouldn't have scoring woes ever again, they're both just so dynamic. That being said, I have to throw ice water in my face and remember; this was PRE-SEASON.

Joe Cannon got the first half for the 'Caps, while Brad Knighton got the second, so Rennie hasn't really tipped his hand yet on who the favorite is. Cannon allowed the only goal, but it was on a penalty. Could we be the second sports franchise in Vancouver to have a goalkeeper controversy? What if they both play well, or worse, both struggle, and no one truly grabs the reigns for the starting position? I've made it clear before, I think you have to get younger and Knighton proved that he was an MLS caliber keeper last season.

Kekutah Manneh gets a point in his first MLS pre-season match. The kid made a sweet move near the keepers box, then fed Mattocks with a perfect pass to get the assist. He looks confident out there, like he's not fully aware that he's a rookie. Maybe Bob Lenarduzzi was right when he said Manneh is ready for the MLS. *SLAP* Right, pre-season.